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 Surge - Part 4

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PostSubject: Surge - Part 4   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:38 pm

The assassin knew he didn’t have that much time. He breathed in slowly, breathed out.

Phil stared at James, feeling very uncomfortable. He was in the same room with an assassin who could very well grab anything and make use of it to kill. Phil gulped, and threw a glance at the phone. If anything happened….Suddenly Phil noticed a man by the door. Holding a gun. Phil fell to the floor as the man fired the gun. BAM! Noise filled the room, as did smoke. Phil coughed. “James?” With a struggle, Phil rose from the floor. He stared at the patient. Dead.

The assassin ran with all his strength. A smile grew on his face, replaced by a grimace as he managed to sprint down the hall, breathing violently. He stopped as he approached a information desk. Dressed in a doctor’s outfit, he fitted in with the FBI hospital section perfectly. There was a doctor at the desk. “Excuse me,” she said, “But I need to see your pass if you wish to go to the main section.” The man stopped. Sighed. He didn’t want to give his identity away; however, since FBI agents already had guns, he supposed it was alright. The man held out his badge. “Pat Micas. FBI agent, part-time doctor.”
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Surge - Part 4
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