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 Surge - Part 3

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PostSubject: Surge - Part 3   Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:09 pm

For the next hour, Phil tried to trigger James mind to find out his last name. His house address. His phone number. Anything useful. Despite the hard working, the only fact Phil found out was that James was 23 years old, and that he worked for some organization called APATHA. Phil sighed as he glanced at his clipboard. James was tired out, that was for sure. The door opened behind him. It was Pat Micas. “We’ve got some info on the group called APATHA, sir,” Pat informed. Finally some information, Phil thought impatiently. “Well?” Pat nodded. “It’s a group of assassins that aim for leaders, particularly the President.”

Neither Phil nor Pat noticed a man standing outside the open door. With a gun at his side. Ready to aim.

Phil grew pale as Pat continued to talk. “Apparently James had just finished murdering the Vice-President,” he said sadly. Pat reached for the TV remote. Turned it on. It was set for FOX. “…And we just got news that the Vice-President has been shot and killed.” Pat pushed the power button, and the TV turned off with a hiss. He turned back to Phil, who moaned softly. “So,” Pat said softly, “We have a murderer as a patient.”

The assassin slowly lifted the gun and loaded it with a click. He grinned wickedly.

Phil sighed again. He turned to James, who had taken all the info in. “Is this true?” He asked. James eyes brightened with understanding. He nodded. “Now that he says it,” James replied eagerly, “I actually do remember shooting the Vice-President.” He grinned. “You should’ve been there.
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Surge - Part 3
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