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 About myself- Syrine

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PostSubject: About myself- Syrine   Sat Nov 15, 2008 12:05 pm

I am 12 years old, and I am the administrator of this site.
I have 1 brother( 8 years) and 1 sister( 2 years which you can see a picture in my profile of her when she was 8-9 months). Well I should actually say I have 2 sisters but the second one died at 5 months before she was borned. No Crying or Very sad
I live in Upper Darby.
I spent 7 years in america or to be exact 7 years and 2 weeks in America.
I am french and so is my mom. My brother and sister are American.
Some of you guys know me and typed to me alot in my old forum, but you don't know me that well. lol!
Right now I am in Canada. I should wright the date because if you guys read this 2 weeks later then the fact about Canada would be wrong.
The date I left would be Friday, November 14, 2008.
And at this moment I am in the car at night typing this.
Of course I have connection because I have a laptop with both the wireless and the kind where you can go anywhere past the limits of the house.
And thats what I am doing.
I am sort of tired. So I will stop typing and lie down in the car.
I am happy we have a Nissan Quest Gold. So that I can take the whole back, back space all to me.
My brother and sister have there space in the 2nd row.
Lol before we left I had went swimming and when we will arrive at the Hotel I will go swimming again. When I feel like it.
I'm staying in Canada for just 2 days and 1 night If I wasn't confused with what my parents were telling me.
And for Sydney H. I am sorry for when we did the breakout session for social studies, I am not sure if you heard the cryings of my litlle sister. lol!
It's because my mom had left to pick up my dad from work, He couldn't take his car because it's in the mechanic.
I wasn't paying that much attention. I would of if my brother new how to ENTERTAIN HER.
I like to play soccer, swim, archery, motor cycling, and tennis, and I forgot and ride a horse but I don't like it anymore because of an accident.
I was in the fields with my horse( that was in France) and there was my grandfather, uncle( hes 3 years older then me), and my other uncle( my moms sister) were also in the fields. I started ridding my horse and we didn't know somebody had put a trap in the field. The horse started first to walk then run a little faster and then that's when I was thrown off. Lots of blood. I was unconsious for 5 days.
I have a Nintendo ds( black red), a psp and a psp 3, and x-box 360 but not the old x-box, I have game cube, but not a wii.
I have been searching for the wii for 4 hours.
Today was the day that my parents bought it and they want me to find it.
I still never found it but it's too late now because were not home.
I'll search again when we come back home. I don't have a gameboy advance or color( I'm very happy I don't because they suck and they're old).
We have 5 laptops and 1 home office kind in the house.
All 5 are wireless and are the kind you get out of the limits of the house in your car etc..
Well I can't continue typing because I feel Sleep But I'll tell more about myself if you have any questions.

I have Brown hair and brown eyes.
My sister has light brown hair and brown eyes.
My brother has black hair and Brown eyes.
If you would liked to know about my trip, do not ask!
I don't want to talk about that at all.
My favorite colors are: red, black, blue, white, and green

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About myself- Syrine
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